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The Pan-Asian Consortium (PAC) is a series of conferences, publications (proceedings and journals) and research networks that was initially created and signed into agreement by  The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)Korea TESOL (KOTESOL)  and  Thailand TESOL (ThaiTESOL)  in 1994.  Since that time  The English Teachers Association of the Republic of China (ETA)  joined PAC in 1999,  The Far East English Language Teachers Association of Russia (FEELTA)  joined in 2001,  The English Language & Literature Teachers Association of Singapore (ELLTAS)  joined in 2004, and  The Philippine Association for Language Teaching, Inc.,  in 2007 (ELLTAS has since become inactive).  We welcome inquiries from other ELT organizations across Asia as well.

An Asian Focus on Language Teaching is of International Importance
IATEFL and TESOL International support the development of PAC. These international language associations have sent their leaders as speakers and advisors to the conferences and have actively participated in Pan Asian Council meetings to plan future conferences, publications and activities in Asia. Asian scholars are increasingly invited to lecture and give workshops at international conferences including IATEFL and TESOL Inc., which are usually held in the UK and North America., PAC allows each member organization to use the joint voice of all to induce the world's best to come to Asia..

The Pan-Asian Consortium of Language Teaching Associations
is unified by a belief that teachers of English around Asia have much to share and learn from each other (see Mission Statement below).

PAC1 was successfully launched in Bangkok January 4-7, 1997, hosted by Thailand TESOL

PAC2 was held in Seoul October 1-3, 1999 by Korea TESOL

PAC3 was hosted in Kitakyushu November 22 - 25, 2001 by JALT

PAC4 in Taipei  November 8-10, 2002 by ETA

PAC5  in Vladivostok June 24-27, 2004 by FEELTA

PAC6 returned to our birth-place for our 10-year anniversary in Bangkok January 26-28, 2007

PAC7, the last of the  numbered PAC conferences, was in Tokyo Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2008

PAC2009 was hosted in Manila December 3-5, 2009 by PALT

PAC2010 in Seoul October 16-17

PAC2012 in Vladivostok Nov 1-4

PAC2013 in Cebu Dec 5-7

PAC2015 in Bangkok Jan 29-31

PAC Partners
English Teachers Association (Taiwan, Republic of China)
Far East English Language Teachers' Association (Russia)
Japan Association for Language Teaching
Thailand TESOL  This is an updated link!
Philippine Association for Language Teaching, Inc.

Teachers residing in PAC-partner countries (Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Taiwan*) constituted an 8 percent share of the membership votes in TESOL International, ranking second only to teachers based in the USA.  (Data Sept, 2001, Eastern Russia numbers not available.)

Patronage and recognition
PAC was placed under the patronage of Her Right Honorable Princess Galyani Vadhana Krom Luang Naradhiwas Rajanagarinda of Thailand at the First Pan-Asia Conference held in Bangkok, January 1997.  The Honorable Kim Duk Choong, Minister of Education for the Republic of Korea, presented opening remarks at PAC2 in Seoul October 1999.  IATEFL and TESOL (International) have both regularly sent representatives, including then-current or past presidents Simon Greenal, Denise Murray, Kathy Bailey, David Nunan, and Susan Barduhn, as well as executive administrators Jill Stajduhar and Chuck Amorosino.

A number of presentations, interviews, and reports were "virtually live" on the internet the weekend of PAC2 (Seoul, 1999), much of this (and post-conference additions!) remains on the internet at

from a number of the PAC conferences are available: 

PAC Journal Vol 1 is freely available online in pdf files (individual or zipped) at  1,000 print copies were distributed throughout Korea and at JALT Conference 2000, and a limited number were distributed to libraries around Koreal. 

Asian Youth Forum
The Asian Youth Forum (AYF) will again be present at the PAC conference, as they have since PAC2 (Seoul).   For more information,

Mission Statement
Preamble: Recognizing the evolving role of English as an international language in Asia, PAC [the Pan-Asia series of Conferences: An international forum for English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals in Asia] is committed to forging an identity which encompasses the commonalities and diversity inherent in the teaching and learning of English in the Asian context.

With a will to realize this responsibility, PAC is committed to the following objectives:

  1. to explore and investigate ELT in the Asian context

  2. to create opportunities for collaboration among native ELT professionals and non-native with respect and appreciation for the distinctive contributions all make

  3. to enhance professional development for all educators engaged in ELT within and among countries

  4. to advocate equal access for ELT professionals in Asia to all PAC activities regardless of socio-economic background, race, gender, religion or creed

  5. to promote cross-cultural awareness, understanding, and appreciation

  6. to identify and articulate issues and problems impacting effective teaching and learning in the Asian classroom

  7. to pursue methodology appropriate to the Asian context

  8. to provide a forum to support cross-cultural collaborative efforts via:

As a Consortium, PAC does not maintain a central office nor staff.  We strongly encourage you to contact the leaders of the local partners in each of the representative countries (find current information on their respective homepages).  Or, you can email us at  and we will forward your message and/or reply as our resources allow.

Administration & Regulations 
With the aim of transparency, all possible PAC documents and internal communication will be public documents.  Matters concerning the administration and regulations of the Consortium are available on this website at 

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